MISSION STATEMENT In Altum Productions is dedicated to producing high quality film and video projects of all lengths and genres for both the fiction and documentary industries. The expression in altum (latin for "into the deep") encapsulates the philosophy of our production company. The phrase comes from the Gospel story in Luke (5:4) in which Jesus, after He finished teaching the crowds from Simon Peter's boat, instructed Peter to, "Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught [catch]." Peter and the other fishermen had been working all night with no success, but he trusted Jesus and obeyed. The result was a catch of so many fish that the nets began to tear and additional help was needed to bring the fish in. In a world where entertainment is synonymous with moral ambiguity and artistic apathy, In Altum is dedicated to the three principles of moral clarity, personal vision and artistic ingenuity, all of which aim to reach out to people of all walks of life in every segment of our global community and into the depths of each viewer.

Along with the founder of IAP, our company has a network of passionate, competent and experienced individuals ready and willing to use their skills and love of the visual medium to see that every project reaches its artistic and substantive potential. Through our projects, we aim to not just bring about a purely entertaining experience, but also one that is at the same time intellectually stimulating and spiritually edifying.


Jordan Allott
Executive Producer

Jordan Allott is a documentary filmmaker, founder of In Altum Productions, media advisor to In Defense of Christians and a contributor to the Washington Examiner’s D.C. Confidential Blog. Mr. Allott has filmed projects in over 25 countries, from China and Syria to Nigeria and Cuba, with themes ranging from international human rights and American Politics, to Catholic spirituality.

In 2009-10, Mr. Allott went into Cuba to film a documentary about Dr. Oscar Biscet, a Castro dissident and human rights advocate who was imprisoned by the Communist regime. The acclaimed documentary screened at over 50 venues across Europe, the United States and South America, including a 25-stop university tour. Members of Congress, U.S. ambassadors and mayors of U.S. and European cities have hosted additional screenings. Now out of prison, Dr. Biscet and Mr. Allott continue working together to help facilitate a free and democratic Cuba.

More recently, Mr. Allott’s international human rights work has focused on the Middle East and Northern Africa, with a multitude of trips to Nigeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. In 2014, despite significant ISIS activity in the region, Jordan crossed into Northeast Syria from Turkey under the cover of night to document the heroic struggle of Christians to survive. Mr. Allott returned to Syria and Northern Iraq to film his latest project, Our Last Stand. Our Last Stand follows Helma, an Assyrian-American school-teacher, to her ancestral homeland of Iraq and Syria as she helps revel the plight of Christians and other minorities living there. The film is currently in distribution and has screened across the world, including events at the parliaments of four European countries, the Heritage Foundation, Acton Institute and a multitude of cities and film festivals around the world.

Mr. Allott’s and his work have been seen regularly on Fox News, EWTN News, CNN International, Telemundo and Univision and he has co-produced projects with the George W. Bush Institute, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the U.S State Department, among others. Mr. Allott has also written opinion pieces for National Review, National Review On-Line and the Weekly Standard and is a 2012 National Review Institute Washington D.C. Fellow. Mr. Allott was born in Reading, England, received a B.A. in Political Science, Philosophy and Film from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and resides in McLean, Virginia.

Daniel Allott

Daniel Allott was born in Reading, England in 1977 and was baptized into the Anglican Church. At the age of five, Daniel moved with his family to the United States, settling in Madison, Wisconsin. While in college, Daniel became involved with the campus pro-life group, through which he met many practicing Catholics who introduced him to the Church and her teachings. In 2000, Daniel received a B.A. in English and International Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

After years of searching, Daniel came into the Catholic Church in January 2001. Later that year, he moved to Washington, D.C., where, in 2004, he obtained a Masters of Public Policy from the Georgetown University Public Policy Institute. Since then, Daniel has worked as a writer and policy analyst for American Values, a Washington, D.C. area public policy organization. Daniel’s faith informs all of his work, whether he’s writing a speech on valuing persons with disabilities or authoring an editorial on genocide in Darfur. He has written for a variety of publications--including the Houston Chronicle, Washington Times and Washington Examiner--and on a variety of topics--including abortion, the disabled, stem-cell research, marriage, Darfur, the Supreme Court, presidential politics, and terrorism.

nino gambashidze

Nino Gambashidze
Communications Consultant

Nino has worked as a Communications and Fundraising Manager and implemented PR activities in different charitable organizations in the UK and Georgia. She received her MA in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy at City University London and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations at Free University of Tbilisi. Nino is a member of the diverse communications working groups and has successfully covered the professional courses of PR and Marketing. She has a particular interest in development affairs, and has a passion for improving the lives of vulnerable groups of society.

Luis Carlos Alvarez Moreno

Luis Alvarez

Luis Carlos Alvarez was born on March 7, 1980 in Bogotá, Colombia. At a young age his parents took him to see his first film The Never Ending Story directed by Wolfgang Petersen and from that moment he developed a strong fascination for filmmaking. He took his first workshop in Cinema History at the age of 15 at Universidad Nacional in Bogotá, Colombia.

In 1997 he graduated from high school and moved to Bucaramanga a smaller city in Colombia with his mother and two brothers. He enrolled at the School of Journalism and Social Communication at Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga(UNAB), where he met his first big influence when he signed up for Documentary workshop with the famous Colombian director Victor Gaviria. In 2001 his family was threatened by the guerrilla and filed for political asylum in the United States.

Relocated in Annapolis, Maryland, he worked as an interpreter and did many different jobs until he had the chance to resume his studies. In 2004 he moved to New York and completed a Film Directing Program at The New York Film Academy.

In 2006 he directed a short film titled 5000, it tells the story of a Colombian journalist kidnapped by the guerilla. He currently works as a freelance filmmaker in New York, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.

bill schweikert

Bill Schweikert

Award winning cinematographer Bill Schweikert has worked with Academy Award winning and nominated actors and directors. 30 years experience coupled with leading crews in filming 27 feature films ensures the most cinematic version of your story possible. Bill has extensive documentary experience as well, with the last one he shot premiering at Cannes. Comfortable with international travel, Bill has filmed all over Europe and Japan.

Sooki Martinsen
Graphic Designer

Suzann "Sooki" Martinsen recieved her B.F.A. from the University of Florida, with a Major in Drawing and a Minor in Art History. She received her M.F.A. in Studio Art and the Computer at the University of Central Florida. Currently she works as a Film Editor, Animator, and Graphic Designer for a productions company. She, also, has done graphic design for the documentary films "Oscar's Cuba" and "Cuba's Hope ." As well as, animation for "Flashes of Color."

"My soul and spiritual heritage is represented in my drawings. My illustrative style allows me to contextualize my works as a young child, while the elegant mark makings and the use of color are informed decisions of an adult. My drawings are a means for me to parallel my journey into my past with my maturation as an individual."

Mary Elizabeth Medawar

Mary Elizabeth

M.E. Medawar received her Bachelor’s in broadcast journalism from Columbia and began her print and broadcast career reporting in Chicago. Passionate about telling stories neglected by the media, M.E. achieved a Master’s, studying religion from TIU Divinity School and international human rights from TIU Law School. At this time the U.S. knew virtually nothing about the crime of human trafficking, though rampant within the façade of idyllic middle-American cities, which compelled M.E. to produce a documentary on domestic sex trafficking.

M.E.’s work with In Altum Productions began when she moved to D.C. in 2014, helping to publicize the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. With experience working both on and off camera, M.E. is a highly sought-after editor. Today, M.E. continues editing photos for In Altum Productions, one winning the Best Documentary Photo Award in the N.Y.C. Photo Festival, while simultaneously working towards a degree in cinematic arts and volunteering with several human rights organizations.