Human Rights and social conscience video projects are at the heart of In Altum Production's mission. IAP has promoted the values articulated in its mission statement through short web-based projects, promotional videos, political event shooting and political and public policy issue ads across a variety of projects. Through its writing, shooting, editing and distribution, IAP will continue to fight for basic human rights both around the corner and across the world.

Trump's America: 9 Counties That Will Define a Presidency
(A Collaboration With the Washington Examiner)

Trump’s America is an ambitious, special, four-year reporting project by writer and editor Daniel Allott and his twin brother, documentary filmmaker Jordan Allott. It will monitor the pulse of the Trump presidency with deep, personal, long-form reporting in 9 key counties around the nation. These counties helped deliver the presidency to the maverick Republican candidate on Nov. 8, 2016 and they will determine whether he is a success or a failure.

The response of voters in these counties will gauge how President Trump’s agenda and performance resonate with the men and women who will be crucial in deciding whether he should win re-election in 2020 or be deemed a failure and thrown out after just one term in the Oval Office.

Trump's America: Robeson County

Work with the George W. Bush Institute's Freedom Collection

In Altum Productions has had the opportunity to team with the George W. Bush Institute's Freedom Collection to produce a number of mini-documentaries focused on human rights and freedom.

Freedom Denied:
Cuba's Black Spring Continues examines the ongoing repression of human freedom in Cuba. The 11-minute film recounts the events of the 2003 crackdown, when 75 of Cuba's most prominent nonviolent dissidents were rounded up, arrested, and imprisoned by the Castro government.

"What is Freedom?"
World leaders and dissidents who have sacrificed their lives for the ideal of freedom reflect on its meaning and source.

IAP's Jordan Allott had the chance to interview former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos in Santiago, Chile as part of the George W. Bush Institute's Freedom Collection. Before his time as president, Mr. Lagos was instrumental in helping to non-violently transition Chile from dictatorship, under Augusto Pinochet, to democracy.

Work with Cuba’s Dr. Oscar Biscet and Project Emilia

On the heels of IAP’s film, Oscar’s Cuba, Jordan Allott continues to work with the film’s protagonist, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet as he fights for freedom and democracy in Cuba. Dr. Biscet’s (now out of prison, but living under the watchful eye of the Castro regime in Havana) new project, Project Emilia is educating and organizing every-day Cubans to rise up through non-violent civil disobedience to demand their freedom.

To find out more about Project Emilia visit here

Work with In Defense of Christians (IDC)

As Senior Advisor to In Defense of Christians, Jordan Allott and IAP have represented IDC on news programs and at public talks and presentations through the US and Europe. IAP has worked with IDC on a multitude of video projects, including those below.

IDC Promotional Video

IDC’s Stop Christian Genocide Video

Work with Solidarity with the Persecuted Church (SPC)

IAP has worked with SPC on a variety of video projects, highlighting the important work SPC is doing on behalf of persecuted Christians in the Middle East, Africa, and beyond.

Facing Boko Haram:
The Life of Christians in Nigeria

Persecution and Civil War:
The Life of Syria's Christians

Work with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)

Basic human rights — and in particular religious freedom, freedom of conscience and freedom of expression — play an important role in In Altum Production's work. Recently IAP has teamed up with the United States Conferences of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) on numerous video campaigns.

Work with USCCB
Christianity was born in the Middle East, and churches have long made important contributions to Middle East culture. But today, Christianity is under threat in the land of its birth. Learn more about Middle East Christians and efforts to support them.

Maggie's Story
Maggie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and strongly opposes assisted suicide. Hear this story of a strong woman with much left to give to her family and society. She has a powerful story of hope and courage - and that no doctor can put a timetable on anyone's life.

John’s Story: Beyond Independence
Born without arms, John Foppe speaks to a way of life beyond independence, namely inter-dependence: Together we are more. Assisted suicide sells everyone short, so in times of illness or disability, he encourages us to “step into life!”

A nurse, a Franciscan sister running a hospital system, and a business owner are being pressured to act against their deeply-held RELIGIOUS? beliefs. Join Cathy, Sr. Jane Marie & Christine. Ask Congress to protect conscience rights today!

Open Your Hearts to Life! Pope Francis reaches out to the weakest and most vulnerable -- "masterpieces of God's creation"

Through political action committees such as American Values PAC and Campaign for Working Families PAC, In Altum Productions has promoted conservative political ideas and candidates across the country. Whether its T.V. and radio commercials focused on promoting the work of a candidate in a particular state or web-based videos focused on a national agenda, IAP is working to maintain the countries conservative values.

The Dictator Vote