Islamic Free Health Clinic Helps Residents in Rural Alabama

IAP teamed with Faith Counts to produce this short video about the Salam Free Clinic in Anniston, Alabama. The clinic was started by the local Islamic center to help poor, uninsured members of the Anniston, Alabama community.



Promotional Video:
St. Dominic's Monastery in Virginia

The sisters of St. Dominic’s Monastery live a contemplative, cloistered life within the confines of the monastery and its 100 acres. The sisters rarely, if ever, have physical contact with the outside world. This allows them to focus on their inner spiritual development and prayer life. Their prayers are most often directed towards God on behalf of those of us living in the outside world.

Collaborations with EWTN

Despite religious, political, and economical challenges, the Cuban faithful have persevered. This in-depth documentary looks at the strength and spirit of the people, who suffer unjustly for living out their faith.  Witness their strong devotional life, the impact of the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1998, and how their reliance on the constant protection of Our Lady of Charity, Patroness of Cuba, leads them to hope that one day true religious freedom will return to the island.  This program provides a rare glimpse into the Church in Cuba today.

Collaborations with Fr. Antoine and the Community of St. John

Many people would look at the hard work, dedication, faith and sacrifice it takes to climb some of the highest peaks in the world and ask, "why?" Why work so hard for what seems to be so little? This is a question many Christians, especially young Christians, are asked everyday. Why dedicate your life to a God you can't see or hear? Why deny yourself so many of life's pleasures? Why make the sacrifices and accept the sufferings?

Women of Mystery, Women of Hope

A walk down the streets of any city in the United States shows a striking poverty - the hungry and homeless, poor and hopeless, begging on street corners, side by side with society's well-off and elite, the spiritually impoverished, who move blindly and unceasingly from workday to workday, both of them without thought to a deeper meaning in their lives.